Web Client Newsletters

Why send email newsletters:

    • The cost of acquiring a new customer can be five times as high as the cost of retaining an old one
    • A 5 percent increase in retention yields profit increases of 25 to 100 percent
    • Permission email campaigns are 10 times more effective than direct mail campaigns
    • An email newsletter increases customer lifetime value
    • Email is a low-cost, instantaneous channel for sending messages
    • Email opens up a two-way dialogue with customers

What Guli does for you:

  • Takes your material directly or helps you write copy from content you provide
  • Creates layout of your newsletter with text, pictures, and links
  • Uses your emailing list (one of your most valuable assets) to send email addressed individually
  • Monitors the results and provides you with reports on who opened your email, which messages bounced, who unsubscribed, and which links in your message were clicked