"Guli Institute"

Web Design ~ Education ~ Shopping

Guli Web Design

We want to weave your web!

In the past, our websites were either  classic html or flash.

Today we build responsive websites that provide easy viewing and navigation over a range of devices including desktop computer monitors, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Web services include

– Web design

– Forms for the web visitor to fill out online and submit

– Shopping

– Hosting management

– Email for clients

– Email newsletter design and management

Guli Education

We help teachers teach and learners learn.

We serve the educational community through

– Consultation on curriculum development, research writing, and statistical analysis

– Special programs such as English for executives

– Courseware for classroom use


Coming soon: Classroom powerpoint  lessons emphasizing English grammar, syntax, and vocabulary

Guli Market

We offer goods from our partners in our marketplace.